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This article is a review of the PadTab Wall Mount solution for tablets. I was looking for a simple and affordable way to hang our multiple iPads on the wall of our apartment. I looked and reviewed a range of different systems. Some very cheaply made, and low quality, some way overengineered and too expensive, none of them convicing as a easy, cheap, robust and scalable soluton. That is until one day I came across the PadTab System. This is very simple, economical way, to hang your iPad or tablet, and make it a million times more useful. The system, patent pending, is incredible simple: it consists of a piece of plastic with very strong adhesive that attaches to the back of your tabled, and then 2 other pieces of plastic that you can attached to any surface. The piece of the back of the tablet and the one you put on the wall interlock when you hang the tablet, securing it it place. It feels very safe, and takes 5 minutes to setup.

PadTab iPad Wall Mount System

Here are the main features:

  • The plastic pieces are transparent, so you can put them on the walls and they are still invisible, go unnoticed when not in use
  • The mount you attach to the back of the iPad is thin enough to still let you put the tabled in your sleeve or attach your cover
  • The system comes with 2 wall mounts, so you can set it up in 2 different places
  • You can easily buy more wall mounts, separately
  • It is cheap enough that you can buy several of these without breaking the bank
  • It only takes about 5 minutes to get it setup
  • Did I mention it is only $25

Cons: The only negative thing I think about it is that it's a little hard to peel off the protections on the adhesive, and understandably so, the manufacturer wants to make sure it will not become exposed.

Why Mount My iPad on the Wall

Well, you'd be surprised how much more useful an iPad is when properly mounted. You can use it:

  • As a baby monitor, to keep your eyes on the baby while you are in a different room in the house (see FOSCAM review) or while getting ready in the morning
  • Check the weather (have it running with the forecast before you leave the house)
  • Play music via Pandora or Spotify Radio (see Cheap Airplay Speaker System review)
  • Check recipes while you are cooking in the kitchen
  • Watch TV using the Time Warner TV app, or YouTube, or any other
  • ... and so much more, has tons of possiblities

PadTab iPad and Tablet Wall Mounting System - $25 on Amazon
Rating: 4.5 stars (out of 5)
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