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Albert Rodriguez Balcells   Hi, welcome. Thanks for visiting my humble site. There is always a vanity thing about these personal sites that I rather dislike. It took me a while to get over the embarrassment of writing about myself :), but I ultimately realized it's a good exercise.

I am originally from Barcelona, Spain, where I spent a good part of my life. My mom Roser, still lives there, and my dad Pedro sadily passed away a few years go. You can see them here. BTW, here is a cool picture of my dad when he was young, he was a great dad. My brother Bernat, and his wife Alicia, along with my 2 nieces, Elisabet and Carolina, also live in Spain, near my mom. Here is a pic of me and my brother when we were kids, weren't we cute :). Here's another one as teenagers. After going through college I moved to the US to go through grad school, and ended up staying. After attending grad school, I accepted a job in Cincinnati, OH. It's a neat city, not too large, not too small. I bought a house near U.C. campus, surrounded by trees in a secluded street, and lived there for a total of about 5 years. It was a great experience, and I learned a ton. We had a lot of Procter & Gamble's digitial and web business, along with a range of other national brands like Valvoline, Kikkoman, Star-Kist, Heinz and many more. I made friendships that lasted for life. Then, I seized and opportunity and transferred to one of my company's subsidiaries in NYC, and I've lived in Manhattan since August 2004. That was a whole new world.

Let's see, what else...I am a techie and self declared geek. Love everything technology & Internet. I work in software engineering, and have experience with all facets of concepting, designing, building, marketing, hosting and supporting web, cloud and mobile applications, with a focus on ecommerce. Started coding in Basic on a Commodore 64, and never looked back.

In NYC I worked first as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at CoActive Marketing Group (NSDQ:CMKG) CoActive is an integrated marketing and promotions agency. I also worked for CoActive's Interactive Marketing Unit, Digital Intelligence Group, which I helped create and grow. Feel free to visit CoActive's website to learn more about the company. CoActive's main offices are in Great Neck, Manhattan, Cincinnati and San Antonio. I worked out of our Manhattan office in Chelsea where Digital Intelligence shared space with U.S.Concepts, which was our very successful event marketing unit.

Eventually, when my CEO retired, he recruited me to work for Next Jump, which is a cool startup in NYC. Next Jump built a buying club for employees of big corporations where they can buy products and services at a discount. I became part of the management team there reporting into the CEO and helped build the engineering team, modernize and scale the platform, and grow the business. I played many roles including Head of Engineering, CTO, Head of Revenue, Head of UI/UX, and more. It was also a phenomenal experience where I grew and learned a ton. The company is privately held and headquartered in New York, with offices in Boston, London, and San Francisco. I worked out of the Manhattan office in midtown, 10 minutes from my apartment. By the time I completed my cycle there, the marketplace grew into a very large business, and we started to branch out into building mobile applications for HR as a value-add for the big companies HR departments.

I also met my wife at Next Jump, Nicole! We got married in 2009 and we have 2 beautiful girls, we are the luckiest in the world. Forever grateful for that.

I currently work at Spruce Technology as the CTO. We are a fast-growing fun IT consulting firm with clients nation-wide. One of my friends from college is the managing partner and it's a lot of fun helping grow the business with him. Since I started, I helped create a Cyber Security practice, a Digital Services practice and we branched out into some major platforms like ServiceNow, Red Hat Ansible, DRUPAL, and several more. We are also starting to build some cool products and mobile applications for professional services organizations like legal firms and others.

For more details about my work experince:
- Check out My LinkedIn profile (Top 1% Most Viewed),
- A quick product development highlights deck Albert's Products. Has select major products I worked on throughout my career and played a key role developing and building them.
- Check out my website development examples page.

Education: I graduated with a Telecommunications Engineering degree from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Spain. That was the toughest tech school in Spain at the time, and carried a 6-year long program recognized by US universities, which transferred the credits as a Masters in Engineering. In the US I graduated with a Master's of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. To check out some of my graduate research activities using the Finite Differences Time Domain (FDTD) technique for Electromagnetics - and I know you are dying to :-) - click here. I coded these real-time simulations in Visual C++ after taking every Advanced Electrogmagnetics class the U of Utah offered - which were a lot. I was awareded a special grant from the NSF to do this work. This software was unique and pioneering, because of its real-time on a PC capability. Not even MIT had anything like it, everybody's work was pre-packaged movies. The software became the star feature at the Frontiers in Education conference at the time. I became convinced it was possible while playing NASCAR on a Pentium 90 computer in 3d. I thought if the computer was able to run all the complex game physics and calculations, there was no way it wouldn't be able to run a wave simulator. And so it worked.

While I was doing research, I wrote actively. You can check out a series of articles I published while in grad school Scientific Articles.

As I mentioned before, I got married in 2009, in Montserrat, Catalonia, Spain to Nicole. Same place where my parents got married many years ago. For more details, check out our wedding site, ColiesAndAlbert.com.

That's it for now.

Nicole and Albert Balcells